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Find out Why LeafGuard Really is the Very Best


There is a slew of reasons why having gutters from LeafGuard® installed is much better than messing around with gutter screens. First and foremost, gutter screens get clogged. That one reason (is a big one) and it should be reason enough for you to not invest in flimsy gutters guards. Here at LeafGuard®, we have a stellar product that far outshines anything the competitors are selling. Our gutter system is a seamless gutter system that is proven and guaranteed to never get clogged. It is so superior and different from all those other products out there that we have the patent on it. Our product is the only one in the industry that is equipped with a leaf shedding hood. While many other products are full of tiny pieces, our system is a very smart, seamless gutter, comprised of just one-piece! That’s right, one piece and it is guaranteed not to clog!

The honest truth about gutters is that they are crucial to your home. If they are not working for any reason you will notice problems with your home. The easiest way for me to explain why gutters are so very important is that they keep your home dry. If water makes its way into your home, you will most likely develop a mold problem, which is a big issue. Mold is serious and thinks nothing of sending many families to the hospital. Make sure your gutters are doing their job and redirecting water away from your home and you won’t have this problem. If you are smart and choose LeafGuard® by Englert for the very best seamless gutters, you will never have to worry about your gutters clogging ever again!

These are the facts as to why having LeafGuard® brand gutters installed is far more effective than flimsy gutter screens. Since 1993, our top rated seamless gutters have been rated as the very best in all of the U.S.A. Seamless gutters from LeafGuard® are leaps and bounds ahead of any other product on the market today!