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Repairing Old Gutters Vs. Replacing Old Gutters-Which is Better?

When trying to decide whether or not you should try repairing your old gutters versus replacing them, you need to ask yourself a few important questions. First and foremost, are your gutters covered in holes, cracks and rust spots? If so, trying to repair them is really only going to provide a temporary band-aid solution. Overtime, you will be back to the same problem which is having old gutters that are old and unable to do their important job. The main job of a gutter system is to redirect damaging water far away from your home and your home’s foundation. Another problem that may not be worth fixing is if you have several rotting fascia boards. If there are more boards rotten than there are boards, it’s probably a good idea for you to understand that there may not be life left in your old gutters. If your hangers won’t stay screwed in and your guttering sections won’t stay together, most experts will advise you to replace rather than repair.

Next, if you see any evidence of overflowing runoff water like flooding inside your crawl space or basement this is major and will require a new gutter system. If you try and repair this problem, the next major rainfall will most likely be very problematic for you and could easily cost you thousands in damages. Not to mention leave your home with a damaging mold and mildew problem. Last but not least, climbing a ladder to try and repair your old and damaged gutters is extremely dangerous. In fact, every year, dozens of homeowners fall and are seriously injured. Some, falls have even resulted in death.

Now let’s talk about your other option which is investing in a new gutter system that is proven to redirect water far away from your home. Since 1993, our product, the LeafGuard® by Englert, one piece gutter system has been ranked the #1 gutter system in all of America. Our product is the only product of its kind and is proven to prevent clogs and water leaks while redirecting damaging water far away from your home. It’s the only one-piece gutter with a built-in hood which works by deflecting leaves and other debris. Don’t fall for other products that work really hard to try and fool you into thinking their product is the same. Ours is the only one piece system on the market and we have the patent on it! If you truly want to never worry about your gutters, look no further than the #1 product in the U.S.A. LeafGuard® by Englert.