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Gutter Protection Northern Georgia


“I have only one comment to make concerning my experience with Leaf-Guard: Absolutely OUTSTANDING.I would recommend Leaf-Guard to anyone and everyone who wants a long-lasting quality product that will safeguard their home from water damage at the foundation. ”  Robert M.

“We speak very highly of them. My neighbor wants to use them after seeing my house.” Donald M

“It’s just something that has increased the value of the house. I like the way it looks, like the way it works. We’ve been happy with it from start to finish.” 
Tara L. 

“So far, I am extremely happy with LeafGuard®. The work was great and I have already recommended them to my friends.”
Diane R. 

“LeafGuard® of Columbus/Dayton arrived on-time and didn’t keep me waiting, They did the work and left and didn’t leave any trash behind.”
Dorothy M. 

“They were really professional. They cleaned up afterwards. There wasn’t anything left over. They took away the old stuff. We’re really pleased with them.”
Joe V.

“We get heavy downpours and it’s nice because the system handles all of that. The system has never failed us regardless of how heavy the rains are coming down.”
Carol M. 

“Well, I had just aluminum open gutters they would constantly get filled up with leaves and seeds. You’d have to go up on the roof three or four times a year to unclog them. So we called LeafGuard® and they came out and did a great job.”
Joseph P. 

“We had LeafGuard® at our other house and when we moved in here one of the first things we did was change the gutters. We didn’t consider anybody else.” 
Jim K. 

“My experience with LeafGuard® gutters has been excellent. I haven’t had any problems at all and the one time I did have a minor problem they came out and took care of it right away. I know they’re just a phone call away.” 
Robert L.

“I liked the idea that it was one piece. Because prior to that we had leaks where the gutters were fitted together. So the fact that it was made in one piece made it seemed like a better product. I liked the fact that the downspouts seemed bigger and studier than some of the others on the market.” 
Nancy V.

“The first priority we had when we bought this house was to replace the gutters with LeafGuard® gutters. So my husband wouldn’t have to clean them out.”
Dawn P.