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How LeafGuard Gutters Prevent Water Damage

If you own your own home and think you can ignore your gutters, you are wrong! If you think you can “cheap out” and buy the cheapest gutters you can find, you are wrong. Not only are you wrong, you are about to have a very expensive problem on your hands. It’s cheaper to invest in a top of the line gutter system than it is to repair water damage. That is a fact! Another fact is that not all gutters prevent water damage.

LeafGuard® of New England has a proven product that will prevent clogs, water leaks/overflows and ultimately prevent water damage. Our patented one-piece gutter system is the only one-piece gutter system on the market and we have the patent on it. It comes equipped with a built-in hood that works by covering the inside of your gutter which deflects leaves and any kind of debris. Since 1993, our product, the LeafGuard® by Englert one-piece gutter system has been the #1 gutter system in the U.S.A.

Only our product is proven to prevent any and all clogs from forming, keep water flowing without interruption, and eliminate leaks while preventing water damage. This is crucial because water damage is the number one way your home’s foundation gets compromised and weakened. When water finds its way into your home, you not only have a weakened foundation to worry about you have mold and mildew to add to your concerns. When wood gets wet you are also inviting in termites, ants and other unwanted guests. If you truly want to protect your home, you need to invest in a top of the line gutter system. If you want the best, choose LeafGuard® by Englert. Only our one-piece system is proven to keep water flowing smoothly while preventing clogs from forming! Our gutters are proven to prevent water damage. It’s as simple as that! If you want a healthy home, choose the number #1 rated product in America, Choose LeafGuard® by Englert.