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LeafGuard: What is Liquid Adhesion?

LeafGuard®® Brand gutters from Englert prides itself on having the kind of gutters that are so sleek they ATTRACT water. LeafGuard® is the star of the party and everyone is interested, including Miss H20. But seriously, opposites literally attract and that is why LeafGuard® is so good at doing its job.

A simple physics principal can help explain exactly how this top-rated gutter system is able to do such a fantastic job!  LeafGuard® uses this principle to gather water and move it away from your home. If you’re curious about how LeafGuard® does it, read on.

The principal of Liquid Adhesion

So, we’ve all heard that opposite attract, right?  Just look at how magnets work! Two different poles are pulled toward each other with an invisible, unstoppable force! Kind of sounds like love, right? Well, love can get messy.  Possibly even break your heart, but LeafGuard® will keep you smiling for years.

LeafGuard® uses the principle of liquid adhesion to work.  Water and the LeafGuard® systems are inherently opposites. LeafGuard® is a solid, and Water is a liquid. These opposites attract and the water clings to the LeafGuard® system much like a magnet. LeafGuard®’s curved hood makes the water even more attracted to it, and the water curves right into the gutter trough.  What’s even better is that leaves, pine needles, and other debris roll OFF the system instead of in the gutter! LeafGuard® attracts water and gives the cold shoulder to all the undesirable stuff that clogs the average gutter!  Science wins again!


Winning with LeafGuard®

LeafGuard®® Brand gutters from Englert has won with the principle of liquid adhesion and you can share in the victory when you make the decision to put LeafGuard® on your home. It’s the only one-piece system with a clog-free guarantee or LeafGuard® will clean your gutters for free! The proper gutter system not only looks good on your home, but it protects your home from water damage that can cause serious problems such as mold, mildew, and foundation issues. Win with the LeafGuard® system today!