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Keep Your Home’s Foundation Safe with Seamless Gutters


If your gutters are not able to do their job of redirecting water as far away from your home as possible, you can expect to have problems. Gutter systems that are damaged, cracked, or leaking cannot properly redirect damaging water so it has nowhere to go but inside your home. Here at LeafGuard® of Nashville, we have constructed a unique one-piece seamless gutter system that consistently performs well for any home. Our gutter system has been tested and evaluated by the Good Housekeeping Institute and earned its backing by the Good Housekeeping Seal, one of America’s most trusted icons. Plus, our product has been rated the number one choice for leaf protection in America.

Our gutter’s unique one-piece hood design is what truly sets it apart from the competition. LeafGuard® of Nashville’s gutter system utilizes the principle of molecular attraction, which causes rainwater to cling to the gutter hood and fall into the gutter trough. The narrow opening between the hood and bottom keeps debris out. Our seamless gutter system is guaranteed to not clog. The design of our gutters is to keep water from finding its way into your home or your home’s foundation that may cost thousands to fix. Plus, you will most likely be dealing with dangerous mold and mildew, which is terribly hazardous to all occupants.

Our seamless gutter is incredibly durable because it uses .032 gauge aluminum, which is approximately 20% thicker than conventional gutter systems. It is attached to the fascia board approximately every 2 feet with internal hanging brackets, unlike conventional gutter systems that are attached with spikes that can come loose. Our product will catch rainwater and redirect it away from your home without getting clogged by debris. LeafGuard® from Englert has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and is rated as the number #1 choice for leaf protection in America because of its outstanding performance. If you want an exceptional product from a trustworthy company, choose LeafGuard® of Nashville for all your gutter needs.