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Are Your Gutters Ready For Spring?

As kids, we all remember the nursery rhyme that says, “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.” As we enter the spring months a lot of us will be singing that rhyme on a weekly basis. With the onslaught of constant precipitation, it’s of most importance that your gutters are ready to handle spring showers. Have you looked at your gutters lately? Answer the following questions honestly to determine if your gutters are ready for all spring has to offer.

Are your gutters in decent condition?

Your gutters are an essential part of pulling damaging water away from your roof as well as your home’s foundation. It often slips our mind but our gutters can suffer a lot of winter damage. If your gutters have holes, leaks, missing parts, or rust they’re probably not in decent condition. If they’re not in the tip-top shape they could be ineffective. It is very important that your gutters are in the best shape possible. If you answered no to this question, please don’t hesitate to call a professional to make sure your gutters are in their best condition.

Are your gutters clear of debris?

Clogged gutters are one of the main reasons for roof and fascia damage. There’s nowhere for the water to go if your gutters are filled with debris such as leaves, pine needles, rodents, plant growth and whatever else might fall from the sky. We call that gutter lasagna! Don’t let a full course meal live in your gutters! Make sure they are cleaned out at least twice a year. If you’re going to attempt to do it yourself, make sure you have someone to spot you on the ladder. Never clean your gutters alone!

Do you have downspouts and gutter extensions?

These need to be clog-free as well! If you’ve been cleaning just the upper portion of your gutters, then you’re doing half the job! Make sure you make a mental note to check your downspouts and gutter extensions for clogs. You definitely don’t want to deal with a costly foundation repair problem because of clogged gutters and downspouts!

If you see that your gutters are in dire need of repair, it might be the perfect time to make the switch the LeafGuard®®. If you’ve had dreams of never having to clean your gutters again look no further! LeafGuard®® offers a clog-free guarantee or they’ll send someone to clean your gutters for free! It’s a win-win situation! Call LeafGuard®® today at 888-460-6896 for your free quote!