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Backyard Family Fun

Summer is flying by and before we know it, the kids will be back in school. Here at LeafGuard® we want to take a moment and share a few exciting summer ideas the whole family will enjoy. We all need a vacation. But we know that going out of town for an elaborate summer vacation doesn’t always work for schedules or budgets. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite staycation ideas that will transform your own backyard into a summertime celebration.

Backyard Movie Night

When you want to be immersed in the summer blockbusters sound and high-definition picture quality, then you probably need to head for the multiplex. But when you want to celebrate summer, enjoy quality time together, and make memories. Then making a Backyard Movie Night is a perfect solution. Here’s everything you will need to throw an amazing backyard movie night the whole family will enjoy.

  • DIY Movie Screen

o   Building your own outdoor movie screen is quick and simple. There are several different options such as using ropes or cables to stretch a bed sheet. Hanging a sheet or drop cloth on the outside wall of your home or backyard fence. Or constructing your own frame from PVC pipe.

  • Projector

o   The next thing you will need is an outdoor projector. Streaming services and digital movie copy’s allow streaming capability’s right from your phone, computer, or tablet, and can be projected right onto the sheet or cloth. All you need to do is connect your device to your projector and boom- you are all set.

  • Concession Stand

o   No movie night is complete without the proper snacks. Assemble a grab-and-go concession stand on a long table so family and guests can quickly grab some refreshments as the movie progresses. This is where you can get creative with snacks and refreshments. Classics such as, soda, popcorn, and candy are all obvious choices. Or your concession stand snacks can be themed toward whatever film you are watching.

  • Getting Comfortable

o   While smaller groups of people can make do with a few blankets, larger groups may require extra cushions or folding chairs. Stagger chairs, air mattresses, cushions, or pillows around your deck or yard for comfortable seating during the screening. Remember to include extra blankets and cushions for added comfort and use materials that are ok to get damp or dirty.

Do it yourself Backyard Water slide

Is there a local waterpark or swimming pool in town? If not, then slide into your own backyard for some water fun by building your own water slide. With a little ingenuity and a lot of plastic sheeting you can create the ultimate summer waterslide. Here is everything you will need to create your own backyard water slide that will keep your kids and family cool in the summer sun.

  • Purchase a roll of thick plastic

o   Depending on the size your home’s backyard, buy a length of heavy plastic for your slide. We recommend a width of about 6 feet and a plastic thickness of 6 millimeters for optimal sliding surface. You can use plastic sheeting or a long tarp from your local hardware store. Its best to use light colored or clear plastic, because black will become very hot in the sun and absorb more heat.

  • Sandbags

o   After you have rolled out your plastic, place sandbags or bags of dirt on the corners or sides to help hold it in place, especially if its windy.

  • Garden Staples

o   We recommend using U-shaped garden staples to secure the sides of your slide. Push the staples through the plastic and into the ground along each side of the slide. Make sure the plastic is pulled tight before you begin staking down each side. Now cover each staple with a piece of brightly colored duct tape to protect them from being stepped on or slid over.

  • Grab the garden hose and soap

o   Spray the entire slide with water, coating it evenly. Now soap or shampoo can be added to the surface of your slide to make sliding easier and faster. We recommend using Baby shampoo to keep the soap from bothering anyone’s eyes.

Backyard Ice Cream Party

Since July is national Ice Cream Month we thought we would share some of our favorite summer Ice Cream Party tips. Not that we need an excuse to eat ice cream, but here are a few of our favorite tips to help celebrate the month with a delicious and fun activity that’s sure to be a treat the kids will love.

  • Make your own Ice Cream

o   Making your own ice cream can be easy and delicious. Here’s where you can get creative with flavors and additions. The creativity is limitless. Perhaps you want Pineapple, almond, and chocolate ice cream? Or maybe a raspberry, white chocolate, cinnamon ice cream is more of your flavor? This can be a great way to spend quality time with family by building new custom homemade ice cream flavors together.

  • Prep Early

o   Freezing single scoops of ice cream on a cookie sheet or in individual containers ahead of time is a great way to save yourself time. Also, this will make it easier for guests to try multiple flavors throughout the day.

  • Toppings Bar

o   A toppings bar is a great addition to your ice cream celebration. Set out a table with chocolate, sprinkles, whip cream and other kinds of your favorite toppings. The kids will love being able to customize their ice cream dozens of different ways.

These tips are sure to make your backyard the place to be this summer. From all your friends here at LeafGuard® we hope that these tips were helpful and we want to wish you the best of luck on your backyard summer adventures.