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LeafGuard: Protect Your Flowerbeds This Winter

Award-winning landscape designer, Chris H. Olsen teaches us a little something about protecting your flowerbeds in the winter. If you want your plants to be looking great next fall, you should follow the acronym, PWP!

P- Protect your plants and perennials that are in the ground. If you live in a harsh environment, let them freeze. Then use about 3-4 inches of mulch over those crown roots. If you live in the south, let them die back, leave them all winter long, cut back in February, then rebark with bark. Use hardwood mulch if you can because it doesn’t wash away. Bring your pots inside, especially pots like terracotta, so they don’t crack. You can throw away plants like ferns, because it takes more time to bring them inside and keep them alive, when you can save time and stress by just buying more. With plants like Rudbeckia, or any other spring bloomers, cut them back about eight inches and fertilize with all-purpose fertilizer. They will look beautiful in the fall.

W- It is important to winterize your sprinkler, grill, outdoor furniture, and anything else outside that could be affected by the cold weather. Sprinkler systems should have all of the water inside them blown out before the first freeze of the year. If you have RPZs (Reduced Pressure Zone Valves), you will want to take off the back flow and drain the system. Always refer to your manufacturer’s guide. Proper maintenance can save you from having cracked pipes and broken valves in the spring. If you’re not using your grill, bring it inside a shed or garage, and make sure to remove the propane tank. Animals love the stuffing in your furniture pads, and may just get the idea to use it as a nest in the colder months, so you can avoid that by storing them away.

P- Planting. Don’t wait until it’s too late to plant bulbs for spring. September is the best time to start buying your bulbs, and you should get them planted before November. Most bulbs are pre-chilled so you don’t have to refrigerate them.

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