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LeafGuard by Englert: The Only One-Piece Gutter System

As soon as you begin the process of shopping around for a new gutter system, you will probably feel overwhelmed. There is a huge selection with some good, some average, and some are not worth a thing. With LeafGuard® brand gutters from Englert, you are getting the number one rated product for leaf protection in America. Our smart product has also earned the respected Good Housekeeping Seal. What sets our ultra-smart product apart from all the rest, is the effectiveness of our one-piece gutter system. It will never clog by leaves and other debris which hinders other systems from doing their job. Another benefit is that it’s only one piece so you don’t have to worry about pieces falling off or getting damaged by various pests.

The bottom line is that no other gutter system on the market today works as well as ours. Don’t be fooled by their slick marketing campaigns. Many companies go through great lengths to convince you that you are getting the same or a similar product to our gutter system. Unless it’s from LeafGuard®, it is not our product and is not even in the same league. Remember, only our product is rated as the number one product for leaf protection in the United States of America. Our product is so good we have the patent on it! It’s the only one-piece gutter system that comes equipped with a built-in hood. The wonderful thing about the built-in hood is that it covers the bottom and actually deflects all leaves and debris away from your gutter. Our hood keeps all rainwater running smoothly and redirects it far away from your home.

The gutter system we provide is a standout, clog-free system and if it ever does clog, we will personally come and clean them out for free. We offer a very large selection of designer colors so that we can match any color scheme that you are trying to coordinate with. Our product is great looking and it works far better than any other system on the market. If you truly want a proven product that has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and is rated number one for leaf protection in America, look no further than LeafGuard®. We would love to come out and personally show you the effectiveness of our one-piece gutter system.