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LeafGuard by Englert has so Many Advantages over Standard Gutters, it’s Hard to List them All

leafguard-gutter There is definitely not a shortage of differing gutter systems, vying for homeowners’ attention. Make sure you make a wise investment when investing in a gutter system. Gutters are extremely important, after all. They single-handedly redirect damaging water away from your home or business. If they are cheap, full of unnecessary parts, or clog easily, they may not be such a great investment so be smart and invest in a reputable company with a top of the line, proven product. Here at LeafGuard®, our seamless gutters are unbeatable. It is hands-down the very best product you will find. Not to brag, but only our seamless gutter system was tested and evaluated by the Good Housekeeping Institute and backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. Even better, our product is rated the number one choice for leaf protection in America. Our product is unbeatable and we own the patent on it! Our gutters are not just any old gutters, they are seamless gutters. There are many advantages over standard gutters including our advanced methods and technology. The seamless design uses minimal equipment, just one-piece to be exact. This means you won’t ever have to worry about pieces coming loose and causing damage to your gutters. Our product will redirect rainwater away from your home or business but will not clog. Other gutters cannot say the same thing. Since ours are proven to never clog, you can make cleaning your gutters a thing of the past! Another advantage over standard gutters is that our product is 20% heavier and 30% thicker than all of our competition. Our product will also not rust or show signs of deterioration like other steel gutters. Plus, they come equipped with Scratch Guard which prevents chipping, peeling or cracking. One of the biggest advantages is that our product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For an unbeatable product with, so many advantages, it’s hard to list them all, choose LeafGuard®.