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LeafGuard: You too can prevent gutter fires during the drier months of the year!

Autumn is right around the corner, and soon the leaves will begin to fall…right into your gutters! Gutter systems are crucial for some homes, but did you know that clogged gutters could be a forgotten fire hazard? LeafGuard® could help prevent a fire!

Pine needles, leaves, seeds, twigs, pollen and even sediment from asphalt shingles that can make their way into your gutters can quickly become fuel for a fire during the drier times of the year. Even with a wire mesh or plastic gutter filter, the fine-grain sediment and pollen can make its way into your gutters. Just think about it…all of that debris just sits there, piles up and dries out during the drier months of the year. A small spark from a grill, fire pit or firework can land in your gutter and spread like wildfire, and one of the last places you’d want a fire is on your roof! LeafGuard® does more than just cut out gutter clogging and the chore of cleaning them, it may also help protect your home and surrounding homes from a potential fire.

Getting rid of clogged gutters and investing in LeafGuard® is a smart way to avoid the risk of fire entirely. The one-piece, seamless system has a built-in sloped hood that seals your gutter and keeps all debris out while letting water flow freely.

That means you can also stay off the ladder for good and avoid dangerous gutter cleaning or paying someone to do it.

The LeafGuard® system is guaranteed not to clog with debris for as long as you own your home. If it does, we’ll have them cleaned free of charge.

With LeafGuard®, the leaves and all of the other dried up matter won’t clog your gutters. In fact, LeafGuard® is the only system with a clog-free guarantee! It’s also earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for ten consecutive years. It’s made of 20% thicker aluminum than ordinary gutters, and has an exclusive, warranted, ScratchGuard paint finish. That’s why we say, with LeafGuard®, you can “Get It and Forget It!”